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Tub. How to use tub in a sentence. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. A small plastic container with a. Erstmals konnte die technische universitaet berlin den exzellenztitel gewinnen gemeinsam mit ihren.

Noun the primary bathroom has separate vanities a large shower with body sprays a jetted tub and dual walk in closets. A large round container with a flat base and an open top. Go on a diet. If you create a nightly routine of keeping your phone out of sight and out of mind while youre in the tub you may be able to disrupt your instinct to check it or think about notificationsallowing you to actually calm down.

Drain the tub fill the tub with hot water. Die ergebnisse im exzellenzstrategie wettbewerb wurden per livestream verkuendet. Sobre imprensa direitos autorais entre em contato criadores de conteudo publicidade desenvolvedores termos privacidade politica e seguranca como funciona o youtube. Tub synonyms tub pronunciation tub translation english dictionary definition of tub.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge. Tub definition is a small round container in which a product is sold. Tub thumping is used as an adjective and a noun to describe peoples behaviour when they are supporting an idea or course of action in a loud and forceful way. Economic recovery does not depend on tub thumping speeches from politicians but on the.

2021 most come with just a simple plastic tub or pouch but. Recent examples on the web. An open flat bottomed vessel usually round and typically wider than it is deep used for washing packing or storing. His old tub of a vessel was known from one end of the pacific to the other.